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License for the Unreal – Shield Actor includes:

  • “Simple Split” includes garbage- and holdout matte passes and the option to get an extra alpha pass from selected background elements. Best to use with external keyers without translucent materials.
  • “Advanced Split” brings an extra foreground render pass to achieve translucency in foreground objects and all features from the “Simple Split”.
  • “Augmented Reality” combines live camera feeds with multiple blend modes, occlusion, reflection and shadow catcher.
  • “Combined” connects all available features in one mode to be ready for every use case.
No licenses are required for remote control functionality to remotely control Unreal from SP also in large nDisplay cluster:
  • Set Blueprint variables
  • Call Functions with parameters
  • Call Custom Events with parameters
  • Drive Material Parameter Collections
  • Drive Remote Control Presets
Importing SP recordings into Unreal is also for free and supports the following “Actors”:
  • Shield Actor
  • Cine Camera Actor
  • Camera Actor
  • Scene Capture

SP Virtual Production and SP Full Bundle already contain two Shield license keys !