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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Find the most recent questions regarding licensing and the Stage Precision Softwares here. If your question is not covered here, send a support ticket at the bottom.

General Information

Do I need to create a new user account for SP version 1 and the webshop?

Yes, you do need to create a new user account for V1 and the new webshop. If you need anything from your history, let us know.

Do I need a dongle to run this software license?

You no longer require a codemeter dongle to run SP software but that option is still available if you prefer the physical USB key projects. Follow the manual entry for more information. 

When is a subscription charged?

A license is charged at the point of order. They are a one time order and do not recure monthly or yearly.

Do I need to be online to use my subscription application?

To activate it you need some kind of internet connection, but this doesn’t have to be on the same computer as you can create an offline license file at

Can I use my subscription application on any PC?

Yes, but you must remember to release the license from the machine it was activated on. Learn more.

Can I upgrade my license for a month for production from my base SP Core version?

There are no upgrade paths on SP licensing for production usage. All licenses are purchased using the webshop for use and are available via monthly, yearly and perpetual options. Leaving your Core license in place.

How is my license delivered?

Via email after payment and is also available in your created account.

When does my subscription begin?

Your subscription begins when you activate it on a machine. Perpetual licenses activate the year of available updates from the purchase date of the license.

How and when is the time period calculated?

On activation to a machine, it will be available for the full purchased period.

I have lost/had stolen my laptop with the license on, what do I do?

Report it immediately to and our team will discuss your options.

What support response times do I get with SP Engineer?

The support SLA for this license is 24-48 hours Monday to Friday. This is an R&D tool for sandboxing and testing as is not designed for rehearsals and productions.

Can I install multiple different versions of SP software?

You can rename the folder in Programs – to use multiple versions – but please be aware that the project files are not always compatible.

Can I get a quotation to pay via bank transfer?

Yes. Contact and one of our team will prepare a manual quotation or pro forma invoice.

Managing your license

When will my new features apply after purchasing a new license version?

Your new license will be available immediately in your account upon purchase, making those features available to you right away after activation.

I was an Artist or Studio customer and I still have a valid license. What does this now mean for me?

We are extremely grateful to all our early adopters who supported us before Version 1 was released. We sent out some communication on what to expect but don’t worry you can still use your old license with version 1. If you didn’t see our email communication, get in touch and we will see you on the right path.

Can I transfer a license from one machine to another?

Yes, you can. You would need to go into the License Manager and release the license from the machine that it is on currently. Once this is done, you can go to another machine and add the same license to the new machine. Learn more.

How to add (and release) a license if a machine is offline?

If you want to release a license while offline with the machine, you have to generate a release file through the license manager and upload it on please follow the steps in the manual under “licenses” for this process. Please note this can not be done, without access to the hardware.

Can I attach the license not to a physical computer, but to a codemeter dongle?

Under the new license system, you do not need a dongle to activate an SP license to hardware for production use but you will need to remember to deactivate it back to your user account if you applied it to production hardware. Please check out our manual for more guidance on this. 

Can I have multiple license such as VP and Kinetic activated on one computer?

Yes. You can run as many SP modules in parallel as yuo need for your project.

Will running Engineer on the same hardware as another module, effect my SP software performance?

Enginner will effect performance if it is licensed on the same hardware as another SP module. Please consider this, when running a project. Please release your engineer license to avoid this.