SP Full Bundle

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24h Ticket System

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SP has different license and feature options bundled into the following modules. SP Core forms the basis and is automatically included in all other module options.



SP Full Bundle unites all modules and their features at a competitive price.



SP Core
The basic SP module and the backbone of the whole product. It works as a stand-alone application with all basic features and connects industry devices in 3D, translates protocols, and can be used for powerful control workflows.


SP Virtual Production
This module adds all VP-relevant features like lens & camera calibration, camera tracking IOs, Unreal Engine interaction, and much more.


SP Kinetic Control
A dedicated module for the readout and control of kinetic systems, focusing on DMX winches and physical calculations.


SP Tracking & Interactive
Adds support for all tracking systems as well as SP own tracking functionalities – perfect for interactive installations and environments that rely on tracking workflows.


SP Light Tracking
This module adds lighting tracking features for tracking-systems or controller-based performer and object tracking.


SP Director
Adds features for advanced timeline options with Cues, Webviews for smartphones and remote PCs, Timeline-based triggers, and much more to cue your shows.


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